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The following is a brief history of Wellington Financial Group, a principal in real estate investment, which should help in understanding our background, current interests and future goals.

Wellington was formed to specialize in the niche market of freestanding commercial property leased to credit-worthy tenants. Since 1976, the company has made a major commitment to this specialty. We have acquired single locations. We have syndicated groups of this property type. Today we own a portfolio of real estate interests and are very active in this specialty.

In 1982, we began to acquire larger, multi-tenant commercial real estate. The typical property is retail, office, or industrial, which has a net operating income potential in excess of $1,000,000, and has a special problem that attracts our attention.  It may require a quick response because of the seller’s situation; there may be intrinsic value not reflected in the current operations; specially formulated financing may be needed; or a tax solution may be required.  Solving real estate financial and/or structural problems is our second specialty.

In 1988, our family founded The Harry Singer Foundation, a nonprofit private operating foundation whose purpose is to promote greater individual involvement in public policy and community building; specializing in improving education for the undeserved, introducing technology into education and preparing students for careers outside of the school atmosphere.  We concentrate our educational efforts, K-12, using real estate cash flows to fund specific pilot programs.  Once established, the pilots expand jointly through cooperation with other grant making and operating foundations; as well as with corporate philanthropy.

As we embark on our 54th year in the world of business, our family remains committed to continued profit and nonprofit activity well into the future.

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